How do  I  purchase from you?
When you click the 'Buy Now button' you will be taken directly to Paypal, you then sign into your Paypal account, don't worry if you do not have Paypal you can finish your purchase using any major credit or debit card, it is a quick and simple process and of course Paypal is a trusted reliable way of purchasing goods online. If you do not have a Paypal account don't worry you can still complete your order Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards safely and privately, you can shop with me with complete piece of mind.

So I have placed my order now what?
Once you have finished paying you will be sent a download link immediately which you click to download and save the file to your computer. Please remember where you saved it! From then on the file will be yours to keep and use within my terms. Please note I cannot guarantee that the link to your file will be available forever, so it is your responsibility to save the file so you can use it whenever you wish so please make a back up of your file and know where you have downloaded it to on your computer.
If for any reason you have problems downloading then please contact me straight away.

Will my purchase have your copyright symbols on them?
No once you have purchased your backgrounds there will be no copyright symbols on them they will be normal clear beautiful backgrounds for you to use for your own designs.

I am a little confused on what I can use your backgrounds for can you help me?
Yes of course I can! Please email me anytime and I will help you with any questions or queries you may have.
The simple way of explaining how to use my backgrounds is. Do not sell on to others as they are, this means you cannot just take a background and then sell it. If you add your own elements and embellishments into the design then you can sell your work. I take a lot of time making backgrounds for you to use so all I ask is please respect my time and effort.

Copyright questions
Why are your copyright symbols quite large on the designs?
I have recently changed the way I do my copyright symbols beforehand they were just my name with a small (C) on them but then I found my backgrounds and designs being stolen and sold around the internet without my consent so now I have really stepped up on the way I add the copyright logo's. I am sorry if this takes away some of the beautiful designs on the backgrounds but it really does make me angry when I have taken a lot of time designing a background for someone to come along and take it and then sell it on and make money for something they haven't spent time and effort on, so sadly I had to incorporate a much stronger copyright logo on my work.

General Mixed Questions

Can I do personal orders?
Yes!! I am available for any kind of digital work,  please contact me and let me know what it is your looking for.